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Internment without trial, was introduced in Northern Ireland by the Stormont unionist government in the early hours of August 9th 1971. The operation termed "Operation Demetrius " involved mass arrests of more than 340 people from Catholic and nationalist backgrounds by the British army. Internees were held at the Long Kesh camp near Lisburn, Magilligan British army camp in Co. Derry and on the HMS Maidstone ship in Belfast Harbour. Women were also interned in Armagh Gaol. The introduction of Internment escalated violence across the north.  It is estimated that from August 9th, 1971 until the end of that year that close to 150 people were killed, with many hundreds injured. The following year almost 500 people were killed, the worst year of the Troubles.

Almost 2,000 people were interned up until its ending in December 1975.

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